Basondoa is the most beloved hallmark of the Ibañez family, who already in 1908 produced the first sparkling Blanc de Noirs on the Iberian Peninsula.
115 years later, the intensive search for excellence and the enhancement of new nuances are the constant of Mitxel, culminating his artisan mastery in this sophisticated, organic Basondoa Brut Nature, from the 2016 vintage, in all its aromatic complexity with which it equals in essence to that of 1908.


Basondoa Brut Nature vintage 2016. Blanc de Noirs. Its uniqueness is due to:

  • Vineyards: carefully selected, trellised and sloping to optimize organic farming. Medium clusters, diverse in shape and loose berries. The grapes are medium in size with thick skin and abundant juice.

  • Variety: red Garnacha with black skin and white pulp, rooted and adapted in Navarra for many decades. The plant is of medium vigor and with adequate pruning, contained yields are obtained that ensure both the quality of the fruit and the harvests. The fruit comes late, and the vigor of the plant and the production are mesured.

    Lively acidity. Generous in reducing sugars.

  • Aging: more than 48 months in the bottle.

    Small scale productions. The 2016 vintage consists of 7,800 bottles.

  • Color: slightly pinkish.

  • Tasting notes: intense, evolved aroma, typical of the long aging with the fermentation lees and highly integrated with the memory of the fruitiness it had in its first season: fennel and anise.

  • On the palate: tasty, lively, with integrated bubbles that gently caresses the palate.

    Fine bubbles integrated into the wine.

  • Pairing: roasts of any kind, salads with vinaigrette, fried mushrooms, fried in general, pasta and creamy cheeses, poultry and non-smoked meats and, of course, with fish and shellfish.

  • Tasting: any occasion that provides a modern lifestyle. Serve very cold.

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